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What need to be considered about architecture lighting

1. Viewing direction

Buildings may be seen from different directions, angles, but generally begin before the design, we need to determine a particular direction as the direction of the main viewing.


2 Distance

The distances will affect people for the observation of the appearance of the facade clarity, and affect the illumination level.


3 Surroundings and Background

Surroundings and background shading can affect the body the required illumination. If the surrounding is dark, a little light is enough to illuminate the subject; if the surrounding is very bright, the lights need to be bright enough to strengthen the body.


4 Decide what effects you require 

Different appearance of the building itself will produce different lighting effects, or more uniform brightness changes or strong; it can be relatively modest expression, or the more lively expression, the properties are following the building itself to decide.


5 Select the appropriate light source

When you select the light source, you should considered the light color, color rendering, efficiency, life and other factors.

6 Select the appropriate lighting

Generally, spot light distribution angle square of the larger wire; angle smaller circular lamps; wide-angle lighting effect is more uniform, but not suitable for long-distance projection; narrow angle lighting is suitable for more distant projection.


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