Future Print Brazil exhibition 2023
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Basic Information

Exhibition Name: Future Print

Date of exhibition: July 12, 2023-July 15, 2023

Exhibition location: St. Paul, Brazil

Industry Attribute

Paper production and printing industry

LBY LED Module Lighting

Tony Huang, Regional Director of the Americas, our professional team to attend the LED lighting exhibition in Brazil.
This exhibition will bring the following four main series of products (including but not limited to, the latest news may not be updated at the same time, if you are interested in our other products, please contact us to get help).

1. PHILIPS LED Modules, Cystal LED modules, integrated lens process products, including inverted injection molding and ultrasonic.

2. BA7 Series, the best price and the most popular economy LED module.

3. DC12V LED Modules, LBY LED Basic LED modules, the most commonly used conventional products.

4. High Efficiency LED Modules, 24V 2 leds or 4 chips high efficiency LED modules up to 215lm.

Range of Exhibition

Indoor and foreign advertising equipment: digital inkjet equipment, carving machine equipment, cutting machine equipment, pressure grams production equipment, image photo equipment, mounting plastic equipment, three -sided flip equipment, LED display, LED lighting products, advertising equipment and zero zero Accessories.

Advertising consumables and materials: inkjet photo media, various ink products, light box cloth, reflective materials, various plate materials, PS versions, plate making equipment, version of the materials, sensitive film and suite, detergent, adhesive mesh, fixing color glue Chain, upper light agent, sunlight lamp, pollination, transmission equipment and various blades, tools, ink ink, inkjet printing paper advertising photography.

Film and television advertising production technology: signs processing and production, logo production materials and processing, outdoor advertising engineering production, light box neon light products, camera equipment, printing system, film, film and television advertising photography production and post -production technology equipment, digital stunts, subtitle synthesis systems , Radio and television equipment, giant electronic display, super -large screen TV system display equipment, exhibition tools, display technology and equipment.

Future Print led advertising
Future Print led lighting
Future Print led signs

Exhibition Introduction

The 27th Brazilian Paul’s Advertising Imaging Exposition SeriGrafia Sign will be held in St. Paul, Brazil from July 20, 2022 to July 23, 2022. The annual Brazilian St. Paul Video Sign Expo is the largest image label exhibition in the radiation area. Hosted by the famous exhibition group Informa.

This exhibition also attracts thousands of buyers to visit and negotiate trade every year due to its high professionalism, large scale and good results. It has now become one of the Fispal Global Series.

The scale of the last exhibition: more than 600 exhibitors, 30,000 participants, and the exhibition area of 25,000 square meters.

Geographical location and advantage: Brazil is located in southeast South America. The north is adjacent to Venezuela and Colombia, Peru in the west, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay in the south, and 80%of the land are located in tropical regions. It has a total of 2000 million people, accounting for 44.24%of the entire Latin American population. Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. The population and GDP are ranked first in Latin America, and they are the eighth largest economies in the world.

Economic status: GDP is 2.5 trillion dollars, and is moving towards the fifth largest economic power in the world. In 2010, Brazil’s imports reached 195.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 45%year -on -year. In 2010, Brazil’s economy maintained a trend in the entire board, with a economic growth rate of 6.5%. The development of the New Maritime Oilfield will bring more employment and wealth to Brazil, and the new infrastructure project of the 2016 Olympic Games is also intense preparation.

Market environment: South American community will be the third largest regional economic organization in the world in the world in the North American Free Trade Zone and the European Union. It has more than 1,700 million square kilometers of land, 361 million people, and GDP of $ 973 billion. The community has carried out a number of bilateral energy agreements, road traffic cooperation projects, etc. Reduce tariffs on community countries. It has promoted trade exchanges between countries and has become a potential market that radiates all over the United States.

A good relationship with China Trade: According to the latest statistics of the Brazilian Development, Industry and Foreign Trade Department, the China -Pakistan trade volume was US $ 6 billion in September 2010, of which $ 3.28 billion in China exported to China, a year -on -year increase of 73.9%and 74.2%. At this point, China surpasses the United States to become Pakistan’s largest trading partner, export destination and import source.

According to statistics, in the first three quarters of 2010, Brazil and China bilateral trade were US $ 41.4 billion, and the total annual total of more than 2009 was 36.1 billion US dollars. Since 2004, the chairman of the two countries visited each other twice.

Last year, the joint action plan of China Pakistan 2010-2014 was signed and issued a joint bulletin.


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