Basic Information

Exhibition Name: 2024 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Date of exhibition: June 9 to 12, 2024



Industry Attribute

“Light + Era – Practice Light Infinity”

LBY LED Module Lighting

This exhibition will bring the following three main series of products (including but not limited to, the latest news may not be updated at the same time, if you are interested in our other products, please contact us to get help).

1. Led Modules, the best price and the most popular economy LED module.

2. Led Linear Lighting, LED modules for backlight lighting.

3. LED Strip Series, flexible LED strip light .

Range of Exhibition

▲ Lamp accessories (lamp shade, lamp holder, lamp head lamp tray, bracket, hardware accessories reflective cover wire and cable); LED packaging device (epitaxial chip sealing material substrate); Electronic components (ballast, capacitors, relay connectors); Optical components (astigmatists, concentrators, lens/film reflectors); Measuring instruments (spectrometer, image luminance meter and colorimeter, distributed luminance meter, luminance meter, light radiation safety test system); LED packaging equipment (glue filling machine, glue dispensing machine, adhesive machine welding machine solidification machine vacuum machine); Testing instruments (LED aging and life tester, LED junction temperature and thermal resistance tester, light radiation safety test system, electromagnetic compatibility test system, LED driver and electronic ballast tester);

▲LED chipset and light source (LED light source, UV-LED light source, infrared LED light source, OLED light source); Power supplies, drivers and electronic components (power supplies, LED drivers and driver ics, converters, frequency converters, rectifiers, LED control devices, LED modules and optical engines); LED special applications (plant lighting, vehicle lighting, UV sterilization lighting);

▲ Advertising photography, film and television advertising production technology: signs processing and production, logo production materials and processing, outdoor advertising engineering production, light box neon products, camera equipment, printing system, film, film and television advertising photography production and post -production technology equipment, digital stunt, subtitles, subtitles, subtitles Synthetic system, radio and television equipment, giant electronic display, oversized screen TV system;

▲ (Retail) Household lighting (wall lamp, bathroom lamp, table lamp/reading lamp, cabinet lamp, floor lamp, track light/spot light, chandelier, semi-chandelier, crystal lamp, ceiling lamp, night light, downlight); Commercial lighting/industrial lighting (daylight high ceiling lights, embedded linear lamps, suspended linear lamps, embedded downlights, track lights, step lights, canopy lights, runway lights, LED lights, emergency exit lights, floor lights, ceiling and inlaid lights, high ceiling lights/low ceiling lights, tunnel lights explosion-proof lights, waterproof lights, dock lights, danger warning lights); Urban lighting/Architectural lighting/landscape lighting (wall lights, hanging wall lights, garden lights, rear lights, spotlights and floor lights, floodlights, fountain lights, street lights, parking lot lights, deck lights, passage lights, LED lights, traffic lights, solar lights); Intelligent lighting (intelligent lighting control, dimmer and switch, intelligent lighting sensor, intelligent lighting overall solution); Light source (fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, halogen lamp, high pressure gas discharge lamp, LED lamp, LED filament lamp, LED lamp strip, LED micro lamp); LED display and signs (Display, signs).

Exhibition Introduction

The 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (光亚展) is scheduled to be held at the China Import and Export Fair Pavilion from June 9 to 12, 2024. The 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) has concluded at the China Import and Export Fair Pavilion in Guangzhou. The 2023 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Light Asia Exhibition), themed “Light + Future,” achieved record highs in exhibition area, number of exhibitors, and popularity, demonstrating the strong vitality and unshakable influence of the lighting industry.

In 2024, the exhibition will continue with last year’s “Light +” theme while adding the subtitle “Practice Light Infinity” under the theme “Light + Era – Practice Light Infinity.” It aims to provide an extended platform for industry players to envision further ahead, encouraging them to contemplate light’s contribution to human well-being, dare to imagine and realize new horizons and skills through light quality and digital transformation. This includes creating more new applications and technologies while promoting the ‘light +’ concept for enhanced spatial experiences, improved quality of life, as well as contributing towards achieving low-carbon or zero-carbon future goals. The exhibition will feature eight major “light+” scene themes showcasing a diverse application exhibition area along with precise resource matching. It will establish an efficient communication platform that deepens practical application ports by tapping into potential industrial integration opportunities. This expansion aims to ensure that we can anticipate future opportunities within the lighting industry.


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