Basic Information

Exhibition Name: 2024 Frankfurt Lighting + Building

Date of exhibition: Mar. 3rd – 8th 2024

Exhibition location: Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 60327 Frankfurt am Main


Industry Attribute

Paper industry produces printing industry

LBY LED Module Lighting

This exhibition will bring the following three main series of products (including but not limited to, the latest news may not be updated at the same time, if you are interested in our other products, please contact us to get help).

1. Led Modules, the best price and the most popular economy LED module.

2. Led Linear Lighting, LED modules for backlight lighting.

3. LED Strip Series, flexible LED strip light .

Range of Exhibition

▲ Indoor and outside advertising equipment: digital inkjet equipment, carving machine equipment, cutting machine equipment, pressure grams production equipment, image photo equipment, mounting plastic equipment, three -sided flip equipment, LED, display technology, advertising equipment and parts;

▲ Advertising consumables and materials: inkjet photo media, various ink products, light box cloth, reflective materials, various plate materials, PS versions, plate making equipment, version of the materials, photosensitive film and suite Agent, upper light agent, exposure lamp, spraying powder, transmission equipment and various blades, tools, ink ink, inkjet printing paper;

▲ Advertising photography, film and television advertising production technology: signs processing and production, logo production materials and processing, outdoor advertising engineering production, light box neon products, camera equipment, printing system, film, film and television advertising photography production and post -production technology equipment, digital stunt, subtitles, subtitles, subtitles Synthetic system, radio and television equipment, giant electronic display, oversized screen TV system;

▲ (Retail) Display equipment, exhibition tools, display technology and equipment.

Exhibition Introduction

Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Light+Building) is the world’s largest lighting exhibition, which was held from March 3 to March 8, 2024 at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany. Light+Building connects the integrated concept of construction and building integration technology, and combines three major product themes across fields – lighting, electrical engineering and residential and building automation, providing a unique communication platform for the global industry.

During the Frankfurt exhibition, more than 2,000 exhibitors from around the world showed their innovative solutions and development trends. Leadbeyond has participated in many exhibitions, actively understood customer needs at the Frankfurt Lighting Exhibition, established a professional and reliable brand image, and formulated development strategies for the European and global markets.

In addition to conventional linear lighting products such as high light efficiency, COB, smart color-changing and long cascade LED strips, Leadbeyond also displayed newly launched wall washers, flexible optical LED strips, welding-free neon light strips and other special lighting products. All Leadbeyond’s products can be customized, which attracted the attention of many customers on site.

In order to further understand the industry development and market environment, Leadbeyond participates in exhibitions around the world every year. Through in-depth research on domestic and overseas markets, we know the accurate needs of our customers, keep pace with the times and launch competitive and innovative products, thus enhancing our brand awareness and influence in the global lighting industry and creating a professional and reliable brand image!

During the six-day exhibition, there were a large number of guests at the Leadbeyond booth. With the wonderful exhibits and professional explanations by our elites, there was an endless stream of customers visiting the exhibition for consultation. The outstanding product effects and warm reception on site have won the respect and recognition of many customers.

Thanks to the sincere cooperation of the exhibitors and the behind-the-scenes support team, the Frankfurt Lighting Show was a complete success. They have made careful preparations for the exhibited products, exhibition layout design and on-site reception. Leadbeyond will always adhere to the spirit of pragmatism, innovation and win-win, and obtain respect and recognition through high-quality products and perfect services!


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