SGI Dubai 2023
2023 SGI Dubai

Basic Information

Exhibition Name: 2023 SGI Dubai

Date of exhibition: July 12, 2023-July 15, 2023

Exhibition location: Dubai, UAE

Industry Attribute

Paper industry produces printing industry

LBY LED Module Lighting

Crystal Chen, Asian regional manager, lead our professional team to attend the LED lighting exhibition in Dubai.
This exhibition will bring the following three main series of products (including but not limited to, the latest news may not be updated at the same time, if you are interested in our other products, please contact us to get help).

1. BA7 Series, the best price and the most popular economy LED module.

2. SidePod LED Modules for Light boxes, LED modules for backlight lighting.

3. LED Strip Series, flexible LED strip light 5m per roll.

Range of Exhibition

▲ Indoor and outside advertising equipment: digital inkjet equipment, carving machine equipment, cutting machine equipment, pressure grams production equipment, image photo equipment, mounting plastic equipment, three -sided flip equipment, LED, display technology, advertising equipment and parts;

▲ Advertising consumables and materials: inkjet photo media, various ink products, light box cloth, reflective materials, various plate materials, PS versions, plate making equipment, version of the materials, photosensitive film and suite Agent, upper light agent, exposure lamp, spraying powder, transmission equipment and various blades, tools, ink ink, inkjet printing paper;

▲ Advertising photography, film and television advertising production technology: signs processing and production, logo production materials and processing, outdoor advertising engineering production, light box neon products, camera equipment, printing system, film, film and television advertising photography production and post -production technology equipment, digital stunt, subtitles, subtitles, subtitles Synthetic system, radio and television equipment, giant electronic display, oversized screen TV system;

▲ (Retail) Display equipment, exhibition tools, display technology and equipment.

SGI Dubai 1
SGI Dubai 2
SGI Dubai 3

Exhibition Introduction

SGI Duba, the 25th Middle East Dubai International Logic and Image Technology Exhibition, is the largest and unique logo (digital and traditional logo), image, retail POP/SOS, printing, LED, textiles and digital advertising exhibitions in the Middle East.

SGI 2018 will bring together exhibitors and sellers from the UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, East Africa, and other countries around the world. To meet the needs of the development of the times, SGI2018 will add digital, retail, textile, LED, display technology and other majors. Areas, whether you are an exhibitor, a professional audience, or a partner, you will find endless business opportunities in this exhibition.

Geographical location and advantage: Dubai is the second largest chief of the United Arab Emirates and is located in the throat area of the Bay of the Holmus of the Persian Gulf. At the same time, Dubai is also the second largest city of the UAE. It is located in the central part of the Arabian Peninsula and the south bank of the Bay of Arabia. It is the center of the Gulf area and is known as the pearl of the bay.

Economic status: Dubai’s economic strength is also the second place in the UAE, and about 70%of the UAE’s non -oil trade is concentrated in Dubai. Therefore, it is used to the “trade capital of trade” in Dubai. It is also the transfer trading center of the entire Middle East.

Dubai, and Della, which is crossing the Dubai River, has become an important port of business in Western manufacturers. Many new financial centers in cities are located in the port area and become an important trading center in the 1970s and the 1980s. Dubai’s urban area also allowed gold free trade until the 1990s, because India’s gold imports were limited, Dubai became a place for smuggling gold to India. Dubai has not only become an important tourist destinations and ports (Jiberari Artificial Port, has been built since the 1970s, the world’s largest artificial port), but also a major industry town of information technology and finance.

The government was located at the UAE International Airlines in Dubai in 1985, located at Dubai International Airport. This airport and Abu Dhabi are also important air stations in the Middle East. The government’s operating decision -making from relying on oil to service and tourism industry has enabled real estate to appreciate and allow Dubai to experience unprecedented development. The orderly construction has made Dubai one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Market environment:

The Middle East advertising market is currently recognized in the world’s rapid development and great development potential. The huge local infrastructure investment and the investment in tourism, hotels, and leisure facilities have led to the prosperity of the advertising industry in the Middle East; the continuous and perfect road network has also greatly stimulated the popularity of roadside advertisements.

70%of the Gulf countries and pan -Arabian media advertising fees, of which the advertising fee for the Pan -Arabic satellite channel has gradually increased, almost two -thirds of the entire advertising fee. Advertising companies are generally corporate agents, and they grow with the growth of the company. In recent years, European and American advertising companies have become more active through cooperation with local advertising companies.

The publishing industry still has an advantage in this area, accounting for 46%of the entire region’s advertising revenue, and television is 28%. It is even more optimistic about outdoor media. At present, outdoor media have been popularized throughout the area.

According to the Arab Studies and Research Corp. -PARC data, the fastest advertising expenditure in the Gulf area was Qatar in the first half of the year, with a total of US $ 102 million, an increase of 61.1 % over $ 63.01 million in the same period last year. Oman’s advertising industry spent increased from US $ 43.98 million to $ 64.29 million, an increase of 46.2 %; Kuwait, the third place in the third place, increased from US $ 210 million to US $ 240 million, an increase of 16.1 %; Increased to $ 510 million, an increase of 10.4 %; Saudi Arabia increased from US $ 448 million to US $ 480 million, an increase of 7.2 %; Barin rose from US $ 51.66 million to $ 51.94 million, only 0.5 %. From the perspective of market share, the UAE is the largest advertising market in the Gulf area. Saudi Arabia follows closely, Kuwait ranks third, and Qatar, Oman and Barin are ranked fourth, fifth, and six respectively.

Arab industry policy: The advertising industry in Dubai Emperor’s advertising industry has developed rapidly. Although the impact of the financial crisis, Dubai, the fashion and financial capital, still attract countless passengers from all over the world to take vacations. The investment in newspapers and television maintains the stable development of the advertising industry. In order to attract investment, Dubai has formulated a large number of preferential policies, canceled income tax and consumption tax, and attracted global investors with almost tax -free trade open policy.


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