2023 LBY German exhibition
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Basic Information

Exhibition Name: FESPA GLOBAL PRINT EXPO 2023

Date of exhibition: May 23, 2023-Mayl 26, 2023

Exhibition location: Munich, Germany

LBY Booth No.: A2-C82

Industry Attribute

Digital printing and advertising logo signs industry

LBY Indoor & Outdoor LED Lighting

Henry, Claire,  Lisa, our professional European regional managers, lead the team to attend the LED lighting exhibition in Munich.
This exhibition will bring the following five main series of products (including but not limited to, the latest news may not be updated at the same time, if you are interested in our other products, please contact us to get help).

1. Mini LED Modules, the mini module is two-thirds smaller than the regular module, making it ideal for narrow letter patterns.

2. 24V LED Modules for Commonly used.

3. High Efficiency LED Modules, 24V 1-4 leds high efficiency LED modules up to 215lm.

4. 12V LED Modules, 120-130 upgrade LED modules.

5. RGBIC LED Module, dream color LED modules.

Range of Exhibition

Significant surface printing equipment, digital printing equipment, network printing equipment, printing consumables, heat transfer, textile printing equipment, business printing equipment and consumables, LED and neon light advertising logos, signs, POP/POS display equipment, etc.

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Exhibition Introduction

In addition to being held in Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain in Europe, the FESPA exhibition is also held every year in Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, China, Thailand, and South Africa, and the exhibition is covered.

FESPA GLOBAL PRINT Expo (GPE) and the European Advertising Exhibition EUROPEAN SIGN Expo (ESE) will still be held at the same time at the same period at the same time at the Munich International Exhibition Center from May 23 to 26, 2023. It is the European Digital printing and advertising logo industry in Europe. A event.

FESPA was founded in 1962. It is a printing industry federation composed of members of a large -scale printing industry association, covering industries such as screen printing, digital printing and textile printing. FESPA GLOBAL Print Expo printing expo is an industry event for the industry of silk printing, digital large surface printing, textile fabrics and advertising printing. As a noticeable international exhibition, industry insiders agree that the FESPA exhibition is the reform and innovation of the large face printing industry. Exhibition Center.

Since 2017, the European FESPA exhibition has held the European Sign Expo European Advertising Bar Exhibition, which has enabled more advertising vendors to participate, including advertising machines, LED advertising products, display equipment, etc.

EUROPEAN SIGN Expo 2023 continues to be held at the same time as FESPA exhibitions to create an industry feast.


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